What?! Is de first reaction many people give us when hearing the title of our new book. It is what it is, literally a book full of rubbish, things you would throw away. We actually gave these products a new life by ‘upcycling’ them. Picking the title was a very hard decision. Many others were given a second thought. I listed some of the best for you:

Dutch Dustbin Design

How to make scrap sexy

Gorgeous garbage

This book is pretty garbage

The art of Upcycling 

The end of recycling

Upcycling is for superheroes

Recycling is for pussies

Trash can be sexy

Sexy Rubbish

My little rubbish book

Yes you can

Waste does not exist

Waste it yourself



A book full of rubbish was our best (and decent) idea. It may still seem strange, but yet appealing, no? That’s actually the concept of this whole book. To make you more aware about the potential of rubbish in ways you never thought about before. Because this what we really do in Tolhuijs. We hope that with this manual, we can make you more thoughtful in this consuming society, where people don’t really matter about disposing and buying new stuff. 


While making a book, you really have to think about everything. It all started with our upcycling ideas. Just because we already think with this mindset in Tolhuijs, doesn’t make it easier to find new creations. Yet, we are proud of our variation of small and big objects meant for many different purposes. When the products were created, photos were the next step, and after that, editing them in photoshop. 

‘A book full of rubbish’ is a ‘do it yourself’ guide. To explain you exactly how to make every product, we needed clear and simple icons. All made one by one. As I barely had any experience with illustrator, this was really a challenge. Today I am so happy, because after this internship, my knowledge of illustrator (also other programs) will be improved a lot, thanks to among others the making of this book. 

Equally important as the rest of the book: the text. As we are no native English speakers nor writers, we needed someone to help us with this. We chose to use English instead of Dutch, to reach a larger audience. 

Last but not least, the layout. You can’t imagine how many times we have changed the look. And to make a book, everything must be perfect. So we checked every corner of every page in the manual at least a hundred times. We asked lots of people to help us with this. You wouldn’t believe how many small mistakes you oversee when you just check it by yourself. 

Our due date was September 2017. Today March 2018, we are happy to announce that our book is finally taking its last steps towards the finish line. 


Are you curious about the book? Here are some sneak peaks of some of my favourite ideas. Can you guess from what product they’re made of?



As you can see, most of these objects are so easy to make. And that’s the purpose of our little guide. The only thing we do is giving you some examples of all kind of ideas you can create out of your waste. ‘A book full of rubbish’ is just the beginning of you changing your perspective on the definition of ‘waste’. Interested in giving your rubbish a new look? Order our book now via our website. 

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