6 tips for Sustainable Interior Design

6 tips for Sustainable Interior Design

Why is sustainable design the fastest growing segment of the design industry?

One reason is a big change in our clients’ mind set. In the past, it was a different story to reach the classic expectations of customers. It was enough that design was efficient, attractive, on time and on budget. In contrast nowadays, renovation and interior design professionals are facing new challenges. Customers are looking for design projects that go further than the classic expectations. It is necessary to be in line in how the design will achieve its goals and what effect it will have on people and environment.

These imply that design professionals need to be more creative and dynamic to constantly find ways to reach customer satisfaction. The new customer requirements are not bad at all! They can improve the environmental conditions of our world and also it is a smart way of doing business! Responsible business integration into different areas of your company can help you to improve your reputation and your strategic position in the market. Turn sustainable! We prepared 6 strategies  for interior design and renovation industry.

1. Make your supply chain more environmental friendly. 

You can adopt in your supply chain sustainable products that support the use of materials that are renewable, recycled, reused or up-cycled. Also make sure that the finishing materials are with the lowest possible levels of volatile organic compounds or chemical emitting materials.

Design table waste sustainable green dutch tolhuijs

2. Use product with standard sizes.

Choose design based on standard product sizes to reduce material waste.

Tolhuijs, staal afval waste design with a story kopen buy

3. Try to read the future. 

It is important to consider the recyclability of all the materials used to redirect their “next life” away from the rubbish dump. For example, by designing flexible floor plans for multiple uses and easy future reconfiguration. Also, it is important to anticipate future renovations and try to avoid them. Interior spaces are often renovated because they become “old”, even though the materials are not deteriorated.

Tolhuijs, staal afval waste design with a story kopen buy

4. Support Energy consumption reduction. 

Arrange spaces to maximize the penetration of natural daylight and allow views to the outdoors from all occupied spaces.

5. Give a second chance to waste material!

Recycle existing carpeting and wall covering instead of including it in the construction waste.

Tolhuijs, staal afval waste design with a story kopen buy tafel table

6. Educate your customers to think sustainable.

We are convinced that each project can be used as an educational experience for users and visitors that enter to the building, home, office, factory, school or hospital.

Tolhuijs, staal afval waste design with a story kopen buy

By being sustainable you can bring a lot of benefits to your projects and your company, but more important you can change the lives of our future generations. If you want to know more or you want to share us your ideas, contact us! We are always happy to hear from you.

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