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3 interior trends for F/W 2017-2018

3 interior trends for F/W 2017-2018

We don’t want to remind you but summer is slowly coming to an end.  Nevertheless we want to help you to keep your interior up to date this fall/winter. Therefore, we have listed three key fall/winter interior trends of this year for you.


Adding color to your interior is HOT! Especially vibrant colors are going to play a big role this fall and winter. From colored walls, to furniture, to accessories, there are many ways to turn your interior into a happy place. Also, color blocking is being encouraged whereby different colors are combined together. Either through ton sur ton whereby you mix colors from the same palet or by combining opposite colors such as cool blue with warm yellow. Adding color to your interior will for sure beat those grey days!



On the contrary of filling your house with bright colors, you can also go for a nature inspired look. Green has been a key color for a while now, but instead of choosing the dark forrest greens, the focus has shifted towards soft greens like the color of celery, avocado and sage. Combine the green interior pieces with wood  (which is going to play a great role as well this fall/winter) is essential. And don’t be afraid to use different types of wood as it will make your house cosy and winterproof.


Inspired by the Baroque and really a big trend at the moment is velvet. Velvet chairs, curtains and couches in different colors are to be seen in the interior landscape these days. You can combine them with rich materials such as metal and dark wood to complete the look. Add some glamour to your interior with some pretty messing and gold details such as lamps, salon tables or accessories. This trend started this year and will continue this winter.





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